Best LG TVs’ to Consider Buying in 2020

It could be argued that without LG, OLED TV technology wouldn’t be as prevalent as it is today.

In fact, LG is responsible for making all the panels that go into OLED screens – but considering that all such TVs come with the same, or at least similar, screen type, what makes LG’s TVs so special?

Well, picture quality is consistently excellent and getting better with each generation. The South Korean company continues to push the envelope with its design, with slick and aesthetically pleasing efforts, and LG’s continued focus on smart features makes its TVs a connection hub for most things in your home.

So good were LG’s TVs last year that the OLED C9 won our Best TV of 2019 award. If you’re looking for an OLED, it’s worth having a look at what LG offer.

LG C9 -A very smart OLED TV


Impressive image accuracy
Amazing blacks and contrast
AI-enhanced smart platform
Dolby Vision and Atmos
Incredibly low input lag


Limited HDR brightness
No HDR10+ support
LG improves on its OLED range every year, and with the C9 it won our Best TV of 2019 award.

Rather than rewrite the rulebook, the OLED55C9 offers evolution over revolution, building on the technology’s inherent strengths while adding AI-enhanced picture processing for superb picture quality whether in SDR and HDR.

It doesn’t offer the most comprehensive HDR support by omitting HDR10+, but the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 future-proofs this TV for years to come. Gaming performance, too, is incredibly fast and the webOS interface offers a comprehensive suite of smart features.

LG E9-A beautifully designed OLED     


Terrific image quality
Comprehensive feature set
webOS functionality
Very good audio performance
Low input lag


No HDR10+
Settings and modes can be challenging to navigate
The E9 is comparatively similar to the C9, with the only significant difference its design. The glass-on-panel finish accentuates the thinness of the screen, producing an aesthetically beautiful piece of TV design.

And for a screen so thin, the sound it emits is amazing. Whether it’s pushing out through Atmos or via LG’s own AI Sound feature, it’s a big, broad soundstage that’s capable of digging up some heft too.

LG OLED88Z9-Superb picture quality


Stunning picture quality with 8K and good 4K sources
Gorgeous design
Strong smart TV system


It isn’t cheap
Needs an external decoder box for non-HDMI 8K sources
Some streamed sources can look noisy
If only the best will do then roll right up for LG’s Z9 8K TV. At £30,000 it’s far from affordable, but this is a high-calibre TV with few compromises.

Since there isn’t much 8K content available as yet, upscaling is of prime importance – and the picture quality here is stunning. As long as you feed it good-quality 4K, the Z9 will deliver some gorgeous images. And the great design and strong smart system make this another robust offering. It isn’t cheap, but it is fantastic.

Another gorgeous OLED


Sharp, colourful picture
Excellent upscaling
webOS still rocks
Low input lag


Motion could be better
Better suited to darker rooms
If you can’t quite stretch your budget to a 2019 LG OLED, the 2018 OLED55C8 is still available for around £1000.

A 2018 TV does mean a drop down in picture quality, but picture performance is still excellent. Black levels are virtually perfect, with brightness levels high enough for a properly dynamic picture. Sporting the kind of slick design we’ve come to expect, plus an impressive gaming performance, this is OLED on the cheap.

OLED at an affordable price


Great price for an OLED TV
Typically good OLED picture
Beautiful design


Picture quality falls short of step-up 2018 models
Not the brightest with HDR models
Setup needs care
Typical with LG’s B range of OLED, it’s more affordable, but some of the features for this 2018 have been trimmed. For one, it uses the older Alpha 7 processor, with the result that the B8 isn’t as bright nor is the picture quality as sharp as the C8.

But that’s not to take away from the generally outstanding picture. Contrast is immensely good, with deep blacks sharing the screen with clean whites and stunning colours. SDR images are excellent and, thanks to OLED’s prowess with wide viewing angles, you’re likely to see a beautiful image wherever you sit.

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