How to Create A Bootable USB Drive for Windows 10 ISO

Many times readers ask us how to create a bootable USB drive for Windows 10 ISO image file or how to burn Windows ISO to USB drive? Actually, Microsoft provides genuine Windows 10 offline ISO file for download to public and anyone can download this original Windows 10 setup ISO file from Microsoft website. The downloaded ISO file can be used to upgrade the existing Windows version to the latest Windows 10 version or you can clean install Windows 10 in your computer using the ISO file.

If you want to upgrade your existing Windows version to Windows 10, you can mount Windows 10 ISO in Windows Explorer and run Setup.exe file or you can extract ISO file using 7-Zip or other file archive utility and then run Setup.exe file to start the upgrade process.


First of all, you’ll need an offline ISO file of Windows setup. If you already have the ISO file, you can move to STEP 2.

If you don’t have Windows ISO file, you can download it using the following articles:

[Direct Download Windows 10 Offline ISO Files (Disc Images)]


After storing the Windows ISO file on your computer, download Rufus tool from the following topic:

Rufus: [Free Portable Utility to Write Bootable ISO or IMG Files to USB Drives]


Run Rufus and it’ll automatically detect the attached USB drive.

Now select the “Disk or ISO image” option from the drop-down box given under the “Boot selection” section and then select downloaded Windows ISO file using the “SELECT” button.

If you are going to use the bootable USB drive on a new computer, you can select “GPT” under the “Partition scheme” section. If the computer system is old, you should select the “MBR” option from the drop-down box.

That’s it. Click on the “START” button and the tool will start creating a bootable USB drive for Windows 10 ISO file.

It’ll take a few minutes in formatting the drive and copying Windows setup files.

After the process completion, you are ready to use the bootable USB drive in any computer to install Windows 10 or other Windows versions.

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