How To Borrow Data, Airtime On Glo For Others

 Globacom, a national telecoms firm, now allows its pre-paid customers to borrow airtime and data for friends, associates, and family members. “Borrow for Others” is the name of the service.

When friends and relatives run out of airtime or data, you may use the service to request airtime and data for them, which you must pay back on your next recharge within a certain time frame.

You can qualify for Glo Borrow for Others with any amount on your main account, but you must have been a committed and regular Glo customer for at least three months (90 days) and have a satisfactory use history in order to be eligible.

The company said the borrowed airtime could be used to call other networks or make international calls, while the borrowed data could be used to browse the internet, as the subscriber desires.

The borrower is expected to have a good credit history with the network, adding that he or she would pay back on the next recharge within a given period or by dialing *321*9*9#.

How to Use Glo Borrow for Others Feature

By dialing *777# or *321#, you can borrow now and pay later for others.

Here’s how to utilize the *777# code on Glo to borrow credit for others:

On your Glo phone, dial *777#.

Input 9 if you want to borrow credit or data.

Input 4 to borrow credit for others.

The amount you can borrow will display to you

Tap send after entering the number next to the amount you wish to borrow.

Enter the recipient’s phone number.

Press the SEND button.

The amount they will get is less than 15% service charge, which will be refunded along with the credited amount the next time you reload.

How to Pay Back

You can repay the debt manually by dialing *321*9*9#.

If you do not pay back your loan within 72 hours, any remaining airtime in your account will be swept away, subject to the loan taken.

For further information, refer to the Glo Borrow For Others FAQs.

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