Azure: All You Need To Know

Azure is a platform as well as infrastructure useful for cloud computing. It has been created by Microsoft. The key purposes for Azure usage include building, deploying, and managing applications. A global network of Microsoft-managed data centres deploys Azure. This ensures easy data storage and access, along with security.

Azure Benefits offered by Leo TechnoSoft

Azure development company Leo TechnoSoft offers various benefits to develop web solutions using this platform with regards to business, data and management.

Business benefits of Azure

  1. Ability to Scale on Demand: It has been built to scale alongside your business. It loads your applications as a cluster allocating a web application to a specific set of processes.
  2. Flexibility: It is simple to adapt. It offers a host of application building blocks, along with the services that would allow you to customize the cloud as per your requirement.
  3. Cost Competitive: It works with a pay-as-you-go model. This reduces the upfront costs to small businesses. People who have signed a contract can also receive additional enterprise discount.
  4. Customer support: Its infrastructure is now available in 19 regions across the globe. It has multiple data centre regions. These centre regions provide (and offer) support plans various languages.
  5. Hybrid Capability: It provides you with the ability to create hybrid environments.
  6. Pricing: Enterprise with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements receives discounts for Azure ranging from 10-36 percent and upward. In case of no Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, you can buy pre-paid subscriptions; it also qualifies for a discount over on-demand pricing.

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Azure Data Benefits

  • Azure company Leo TechnoSoft guarantees following data benefits to the users:
  • Big Data insights: Microsoft Azure HD insight service brings an Apache Hadoop solution to the cloud. It integrates with Excel and allows you to visualize your data in new ways, with regards to uncovering the business insights that would help you to succeed.
  • Simple and Reliable Data Storage: It allows you to store (or share) any type of data in a reliable and fast environment. This includes file data, structured data sets or even queries.
  • Data Security: It was built on the basis of Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. Based on proven technology and tested around the globe, it has the most secure code.
  • Reliable Backups: It always backs up 6 copies of your data. This backup is stored across two separate Azure data centres. This guarantees 99.9% availability of backups.
  • Integrative Data Solution: It integrates data across the full line of Microsoft PaaS and SaaS offerings.

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Azure Management Benefits

Azure development company Leo TechnoSoft helps users to manage their data storage and data access via following management benefits:

Automation: Azure Automation would allow you to automate all your tasks in your own customized Azure environment. It offers rapidly build powerful integration solutions.

API Management: Its API management would allow you to publish APIs to your market (that includes employees or customers) securely and at scale if you create and run a variety of APIs.

Easy scheduling: It would allow you to create jobs on complex or simple recurring schedules.
Ability to Run Virtual Machines: Azure allows you to deploy premium virtual machines in minutes including Linux and Windows servers.

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Developer Collaboration and Options: Visual Studio Online and Application Insights are available in Azure. These two features provide enhanced collaboration between your dev teams in integrative environment.

Availability of multiple orchestration cluster management tools: It has multiple orchestration cluster management tools available for user by default. These tools include Apache Mesos or Docker Swarm.

Orchestrators are supported in the Azure Resources Manager API and have ARM templates

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