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How To Set Up A Proxy In Your Browser

We are going to learn how to set up a proxy in your windows PC browser in this article, which in turn will make you anonymous and stay safe online.

In Internet Explorer

Click “Tools”, then “Internet Options”, in the “connections” tab, click the “LAN Setup” Button at the bottom. There is a “Proxy Servers”, tick the “Use a proxy…..” and then enter the proxy in the bigger textbox and the port (the part that comes after the “:”) in the smaller textbox. Hit okay, and then go to www.whatismyip.com to see if the proxy is now your IP.

In Opera

Click “Files”, then “Preferences”, then “Network”, then click the button “Proxy Servers”, tick “HTTP”, fill in with the proxy: port, click okay and that’s it! Don’t forget to check with the link given in above.

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In Firefox

Tools -> Options
Click the General Icon
Then the “Connection Settings…” button
and finally click the “manually configure proxies” radio button, and enter the proxy address and port in the HTTP Proxy area. Don’t forget to check with the link given above.

Useful links


Happy Anonymous surfing!

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NOTE: Kindly note that means is the proxy and 8080 is the port. To obtain fresh and new proxies,u can always check our website or search on Google.

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