How to Become a Model

A Complete Guide

Back then, to become a model, you had to be skinny, slim, young, and have a particular face to even be considered potential. The modeling industry has certainly been a competitive one for decades.  Luckily, this has changed over the last several years, and now, people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and body types can aspire to become a model.

Even though the modeling industry has changed, it’s still quite competitive and requires tons of hard work and dedication. So, if you want to become a model, read the complete guide we’ve created below!

Choose What Kind of Model You Want to Be

You should first have clear in mind what kind of model you want to be. Knowing what type of model you want to become will help you know how to build your portfolio, what kind of agencies to look for, and what poses you should start practicing.

  1. Fashion Models

Fashion models are the types you see on the cover of a Vogue magazine. They tend to work for high-end brands and designers such as Prada, Gucci, and Dior. Editorials are highly selective with models, as they look for people that fit into their “ideal” look.

  1. Runway Model

The ones who strut down a catwalk and showcase a designer’s clothing line are known as runway models. Now, because the designer’s clothes are a specific size, runway models tend to be the same height and weight.

  1. Fitness Model

Fitness models are the ones who wear fitness attire. They’re usually athletically built, toned, and fit. They are also the ones you see in athletic commercials performing exercise routines.

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  1. Parts Model

Part modeling involves modeling certain parts of your body, such as hands, feet, arms, and legs. Hand models, for example, get booked to showcase jewelry, and feet models book jobs with shoe labels.

  1. Glamour Models

The name says it all. Glamour modeling is focused primarily on appearance, facial beauty, and body shapes. Glamour models as a whole are usually curvy, and they also tend to book lingerie and swimsuit photo sessions.

  1. Commercial Models

The commercial modeling type is open to diversity and fresh, new talent. They’re also less restrictive than the other modeling types. Commercial models advertise various kinds of products and services in different campaigns, catalogs, and commercials.

  1. Print Models

These are the kinds of models you see on billboards and posters. Usually, these models in photos are selling a product. However, it all depends on the client’s needs.

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