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How to Drive Safely in the Rain

Driving in the rain can be scary sometimes but we shall teach you the best tips on how to drive safely in the rain.

Never drive through standing or flowing water in a roadway unless you have no choice or you are able to follow someone else to judge the depth of the water. Flooding the engine of your car can cause the engine to stall, and deep water can actually float your car and take it off the roadway.

  • Use your wipers Chalk

This is up to common sense, but it’s more than just using your wipers it is also making sure that the whole system is performing properly. You might have to replace old wipers that are old as they might break apart upon usage or worse instead of clearing your windscreen for better vision, it might just blur it. Also, make sure you have washer fluid in case you have to wash off any unwanted debris from the windscreen.

  • Turn on your lights

It is not to improve your vision although it might help a bit, it is more for the benefit of other motorists and people so they know where you are. The headlights will help oncoming traffic spot you, while the taillights will help people behind you gauge their distance from you. So, whenever you are driving in the rain, make sure you turn on your headlights to drive safely.

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  • Drive slowly

When rain hits the road it brings out oil, tar, and grime towards the surface creating a slippery thin sheet between the road and your tires. Meaning, if you had to suddenly brake hard or change direction, you’d most likely lose traction which could lead to an accident.

  • Do not drive with your hazard lights on

A lot of social media attention has been given to this lately because motorists still insist on doing this. The bright flashing lights cause glare and can blind other motorists who are behind you, not to mention the fact that these lights are only supposed to be used for stationary vehicles to let others know and to avoid you. Also using the hazard lights while driving causes confusion because other motorists don’t know if you’re about to change lanes.

  • If it’s too bad out there, wait it out

Unless it is really important for you to venture out there, you might as well wait it out indoors for better driving conditions. The rain always gives an unpredictable driving experience that could be dangerous, remember! It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when your safety is on the line.

  • Bonus Tip

Want to feel more secure on the road? Try Pertua Oil and Metal treatment for your vehicle. Formulated to improve engine performance through, reduced engine noise and vibration, better engine response, and improved fuel economy. The last thing you want to happen is a breakdown in the middle of the road during a downpour.

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These tips may seem simple, but they all add up to driving as safe as possible not only for yourself or passengers but also for fellow motorists and commuters; on the road, the number 1 priority should always be safety. Learn more about our products by checking out the products and testimonial tabs for consumer reviews.

The rainy season is back and as unpredictable as ever, it could be sunny one minute then storming the next. As motorists, we all know that driving while it’s raining is one of the toughest things to do here in the Metro, here are some tips on how to drive safely during the downpour.

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