3274 New Recorded COVID-19 in South Africa

3,274 new recorded cases of COVID-19 in South Africa have been set, which brings the total number of laboratory-confirmed infections to 3,948,119. This increase represents a 13.8% positivity rate.

The NICD statement says, “Due to the ongoing audit exercise by the National Department of Health, there may be a backlog of COVID-19 mortality cases reported. Today, the Health Department reports 36 deaths, and of these, 15 occurred in the past 24-48 hours. This brings the total fatalities to 101 128 to date.”

Vaccine hesitancy

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Vaccine hesitancy decreased slightly from 28 percent in July 2021 to 25 percent in November 2021. That’s according to a COVID-19 Democracy Survey that the University of Johannesburg and the Human Sciences Research Council had conducted.

The online survey has also revealed support for compulsory workplace vaccinations.

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“Persuasion through correct and frequent messages, after receiving the report of the survey, probably our GCIS should come up with a plan. That is probably an area in which government should start improving on our communication in that regard,” says Dhlomo.

We urge citizens to stay woke and always comply with the COVID-19 guidelines and rules.

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