6 Qualities To Consider About A Property

If you are a qualified, committed, potential home buyer, be careful to, pay close attention, to too many qualities and details, but, be certain to fully consider, and examine, the property, characteristics, etc, as well as the house, before committing to purchase, what, to most, is their single – biggest, financial asset!

There are many characteristics to consider, but, this article will briefly, consider, six of the key ones. After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have discovered, few buyers, are, as prepared, as they should be, and it would be wise, for them, to pay, far – more attention, too many aspects, related to the property, the house, is situated – on!

With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these six, and why they are essential, important considerations.

1. Size of property

Are you seeking a specific-sized, property? In general, larger properties, require more maintenance, and expense, to upkeep! How would you like to balance, your needs, wants, reality, costs, expenses, privacy, and other considerations, and, is, the specific size of this particular property, up – to, your preferences, etc?

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2. Tree – filled, versus open

How much of your lot, is usable, and, how much is not? Different areas have, specific regulations, regarding, protecting trees (as opposed to knocking them, down. How would this impact, your desired enjoyment, of the land?

3. Terrain

Is it, a hilly, flat, or something, in – between? How this terrain, affects usage, and possibilities should be considered, from the onset! Does the pitch, of the land, keep water, from flowing, away, or towards, the house? Obviously, expansion-related issues, etc, are simpler, and less – costly, when the property, is more – flat!

4. Distance from neighbors

Some prioritize personal privacy, and, thus, should see properties, which are a significant difference, from their neighbors, while others, care, far – less, about this! Is there a significant distance, to ensure privacy, or, some sort of barrier (such as bushes, etc)?

5. Frontage/ side – yard/ back

In many communities, frontage, is a major factor/ consideration, in terms of real estate taxes! What balance do you seek, between, frontage, front – yard, set-back, from the street, usable side-yard, and back (behind the house? Since, we are all different, with differing tastes, needs, and requirements, make certain, the property layout, fits your needs, personality, etc!

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6. Grounds condition

Evaluate the condition of the grounds of the property! How much will it cost you, to bring – it, to where you desire? Will landscaping renovations, be urgently needed, costly, or, basic? What is the overall condition, and what might require immediate attention?

Before buying a house, pay attention to the overall property, and, whether, it fits your needs, requirements, and specifications, and will bring you pleasure! The better prepared a buyer is, the more he will enjoy his new home!

These and more as explained above are the qualities to consider about a property.

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