How to Enable Enhanced Tracking Protection

Well, the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature comes enabled in the latest version of the Firefox browser. The default settings use the Standard protection, but you can change it to Strict to get stronger protection.

Here’s how you can do that;

1: First, open the Firefox web browser on your computer.

2: Next, click on the Hamburger menu (Three lines) in the top-right corner.

3: From the list of options, click on Settings.

4: On the Settings screen, click on the Privacy & Security tab on the left pane.

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5: On the right, you will find the Enhanced Tracking Protection settings. If you want stronger protection, you need to select the Strict option.

6: If you want to manually choose which trackers and scripts to block, select Custom and select the trackers and scripts to block.

That’s it! You are done. This is how you can configure the Enhanced Tracking protection feature in the Firefox browser.

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