Free SSD Cloning Software For Windows

We will discuss the free SSD cloning software for Windows in this article. However, let’s get a piece of good information about SSD.

What is SSD?


An SSD is also known as a solid-state drive is a type of storage device used in computers. There are many brands of SSDs in the market such as Inland SSD, Western Digital SSD, Samsung SSD, Kingston SSD, etc. SSDs replace the traditional hard disk drive (HDD) in a computer and perform the same basic functions as a hard disk drive.

The main difference between the two is how the data is stored and accessed. HDDs use mechanical rotating hard drives and moving read/write heads to access data, while SSDs use memory chips. You can take a brief look at the pros and cons of both in the chart below.

Overall, SSDs can provide your computer with shorter boot times, faster data transfers, and more. As a result, more and more users are happy to replace their old disks on their computers with SSDs in order to improve the overall performance of their computers.

SS and HDD

The Most Reliable SSD Cloning Application

When you purchase a new SSD, you may need to migrate the data or system on your existing disk. At this time, you need free cloning software to help you do this operation. AOMEI Backupper will be your best choice, it is designed for all Windows.

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This software has a simple interface and is easy to operate, so even a computer novice can quickly get started. Before you start you can see what outstanding features it has.

  • HDD/SSD Clone: Support a wide range of hard drives, including HDDs, SATA SSDs, NVMe M.2 SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. You can use it to transfer OS to a new drive without boot issues.
  • SSD Alignment: This feature can improve SSD’s performance and prolong its lifespan if you clone to an SSD.
  • Clone hard drives of different sizes: It provides you with Intelligent Clone and Sector-by-sector Clone features. The former allows you to clone a larger drive to a smaller one. The latter allows you to make a 1:1 copy of the drive.

How to Clone HDD to SSD

In this section, I will introduce you to how to clone an SSD. The whole process is divided into two parts, the first part is to install the SSD and the second part is to clone the disk. Read on to learn the steps.

1. Install and initialize the new M.2 SSD

Here I will use M.2 SSD as an example. If you know how to install and initialize the SSD, you can skip directly to the next section.

  • Turn off your computer and disconnect the power. Then install the new M.2 SSD on the laptop/desktop.


Tip: If you have only one SSD slot on your device, you may need the M.2 SATA SSD to USB adapter.
  • Then restart your computer. Press Win + R to open the “Run” dialog box, type diskmgmt.msc, and then click “OK” to open Disk Management.


  • Right-click on the new SSD and select Initialize Disk. Set the partition style to the same as the source disk (MBR or GPT) and click OK to confirm.


Tip: If both disks are MBR, you can clone the M.2 SSD for free. if not, you need to upgrade to the Pro version before cloning.

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2. Clone HDD to SSD without any boot problems 

After the preparation work is done, you can use SSD cloning software – AOMEI Backupper Standard to clone the hard drive on Windows 10, please follow the graphic tutorial for details.

  • Download AOMEI Backupper and launch it on your computer. Navigate to Clone on the left and select Disk Clone on the right.


  • Then select the source disk that you wish to clone and click Next.


  • Next, select the M.2 SSD you installed as the destination path to clone the source disk and click Next.


  • Then you will see the Operation Summary page. To improve the writing & reading speed of the SSD disk, check SSD Alignment Confirm all other settings, and click Start Clone.


Edit Partitions: You can use this feature to resize the partition of the destination hard drive to solve the problem of cloned hard drive showing wrong sizes. In addition, you can use it to convert the disk type if the destination disk is different from the source disk.

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partition done


You can refer to this article on how to migrate data or systems from an old hard drive to a new one with the most reliable SSD cloning software. Besides providing you with the cloning feature, this software is also the best bare metal backup software. You can use it to provide daily protection for your important data.


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