Google Maps Receives Major Upgrade

At Google I/O 2022, did you notice the photorealistic Google Maps “immersive view”? Your iPhone or Android phone will soon have it as Google has announced that its product, Google Maps is set to receive major upgrades across all smartphones. At least a portion of it is. The technology is currently accessible in about 100 locations in cities across the world, including London, Barcelona, New York, and Tokyo. It employs 3D mapping and machine learning to build realistic 3D renderings from millions of pictures.

The complete immersive view won’t be available until later this year for LA, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, according to Google. Even though it is somewhat comparable to Apple’s Flyover mode, it is still rather stunning. Additionally, it’s not the only new feature that Google Maps for iPhone and Android users is getting.

New Google Maps Features for iOS and Android

For users who are on two wheels (travelers), Google Maps has made some extremely valuable additions. Your route will now warn you about steps, steep hills, and if your recommended path is likely to be congested with traffic. It will also indicate whether a road is a main or minor one. These upgrades won’t be accessible right now, but they should in a few weeks.

Location sharing, which is now smarter, is one of Google Maps’ most beneficial new features. When someone agrees to share their location with you, you will be alerted as soon as they enter or exit that area. For those of us who want to know whether friends or relatives have arrived safely at their location or whether it is time to pick them up, that feature is really helpful.

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The updated location notifications are already being rolled out, so both the iOS and Android Google Maps apps should soon have them.

Look out for the immersive view that will be available later this year. It’s a remarkable technological breakthrough, yet you don’t need expensive gear to enjoy it because everything runs on Google’s cloud. Furthermore, Maps will soon provide more environmentally friendly route alternatives throughout Europe. This feature is now accessible in the US and Canada, but it will soon be available in additional locations this year.

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