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How to Get Free Airtime on RingApp

RingApp application successfully fight against fraudulent, spam calls and message distribution both on mobile networks and in various messengers!

You can earn up to 10,000 airtime for free on any network by using the Ring application. As the name suggests, the RingApp operates similarly to CallApp or TrueCaller; the only change is that, depending on where you are in the world, you can earn money or dollars with the RingApp.

In this post, we’ll learn more about the RingApp application and how to get free airtime on RingApp right away. Let’s get started without wasting too much of your time!

RingApp: What is it?

The Android software known as RingApp gives users the chance to make and reject test calls in order to generate revenue. On the application, users can add phone numbers to a blacklist and ban annoying calls. Users can quickly and easily utilize this app to start making use of its wonderful features and earn money via airtime.

How to Get the Free Airtime

As I previously said, after downloading the Ring app, you can receive test calls from the app’s administrator(s) and get free airtime. Each test call you get has its own advantages or associated cost. However, there is a quicker method to make money using the Ring app; the slower technique is more like a long-term income plan. If you recommend customers in tier 1 and tier 2 nations, you can make up to 400 Naira worth of Airtime on the app.

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For instance, as a Nigerian, if you recommend someone in the US, your account will be rewarded with 415 Naira airtime. However, for each Nigerian that downloads the app with your referral code, you receive 125 Naira. The steps you need to perform are listed below, and there is no restriction on how much airtime you can accumulate.

RingApp Sign-up Process

  • From the Google Playstore, just click below
Developer: PingOcean LLP
Price: Free
  • When prompted to enter your referral code after downloading the RingApp, please paste the following invite code: .

When you complete the registration process, you will receive a free 21 Naira to get you started, and for each test call you accept or refuse, a predetermined amount will be added to your balance.

Referral program for the RingApp

  • Select the profile icon and choose Referral Program to obtain your personal referral code.
  • Copy your own referral code, then share it with friends and family. You receive a credit of 125 Naira for each Nigerian that registers using your code, which can be taken immediately using airtime.

referral program

That’s basically how to use the RingApp to earn up to 10,000 airtime and even more.

How to Withdraw Your Free Airtime from the RingApp

  • Click on your balance to bring up a drop-down menu.
  • Select your Phone number
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount and hit the withdraw button to continue.

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Your airtime will be credited in a few seconds, depending on how busy the application is then.

Enjoy your free airtime and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for real-time updates when things get hot.

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